The history of HAK-ER FORGE began with our founding in 1986 by Salih Er. We began forging in 2006. Today, the strong relations we have built over decades with customers in a range of markets continue to give us the strength and stability to move forward with strategic opportunities and succeed.READ MORE.. History Of Hak-er
Pre-cut steel billets are heated in inductions for accurate temperature control. Forging presses, friction and hammers can produce parts of all levels of complexity from 0,5 Kg to 28 Kg. Our capacity is nearly 500 Tons per month. We can forge brass, aluminum and stainless.READ MORE.. Closed Die Forging
The next most important issue in producing the perfect part lies in a set of dies produced correctly and accurately according to the design. Every stage of dies is designed in our CAD/CAM department the process is simulated before committing to metal.READ MORE.. Tooling
The production procedures at HAK-ER adhere to strict international restrictions. Every step, from the production up to the export, is controlled by a opecial equipment. A continous quality control in terms of chemical analysis, hardness measurement can make you trust us. READ MORE.. Laboratory
We produce rear axle shaft of commercial vehicles like MAN,ISUZU,MERCEDES,VOLVO etc. In response to customer request, we can forge min.Q30 - max.Q200 to upset Q400 with our hydraulic press.READ MORE.. Hydraulic Forging
Updating..READ MORE.. Forwarding
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    Using CAD/CAM during the part desing makes it possible to attain productivity…


    The next most important issue in producing the perfect part lies in a…


    Pre-cut steel billets are heated in inductions for accurate temperature…


    Before and after forging, the parts testing and checking in this department.


    We can machine the parts from our customer request in our machining department.…



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Industry leaders in a variety of demanding markets continue to choose HAK-ER FORGE as a full-service partner for forgings delivered ready for duty in all sorts of heavy machinery.

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